New York Wine Guide for Valentine’s Day

New York Wine Guide for Valentine’s Day

Presenting 5 great wines from New York State for a romantic holiday.

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  • Live Online Zoom Broadcast 08 Feb, 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Join us for a holiday-themed Virtual Tasting. If travel restrictions have prevented you from booking that romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, why not transport your loved one to a beautiful place --- through a bottle of wine? New York is home to some of the world’s most beautiful wine-growing regions and each bottle reflects the diverse climates, soils, and topographies that make this state so alluring. During this FREE virtual tasting, you will meet 5 makers and learn about 5 exceptional wines and discover which one will make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one --- as a gift, or as a special selection to pair with a special meal. Meet 5 guest speakers from the wineries:
  • Stephen Taylor, Bully Hill Vineyards
  • Ben Stamp, Lakewood Vineyards
  • Shelby Hearn, Suhru Wines
  • Sasha Pardy, Adirondack Winery
  • Alex Jankowski, Wagner Vineyards
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Welcome to New York State

  • Territory for the curious, the open-minded, and the adventurous, where courage, ingenuity, and diversity define our wine regions.
  • From the vineyard to the glass, our passionate and pioneering people create experiences that surprise, intrigue, and satisfy.


  1. Shelby Hearn, Suhru Wines
  2. Ben Stamp, Lakewood Vineyards
  3. Sasha Pardy, Adirondack Winery
  4. Stephen Taylor, Bully Hill Vineyards
  5. Alex Jankowski, Wagner Vineyards


2019 Suhru Wines Sauvignon Blanc 

  • Quite possibly our Suhru’s  Sauvignon Blanc ever, this wine has a lively fruitiness with hints of gooseberry on the nose.
  • Fermented entirely in stainless steel tanks, it has a bright acidity on the palate with notes of lime, a light grassiness, and a subtle richness.
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2021 Lakewood Vineyards Bubbly Candeo  

  • This wine is for when champagne is too much and beer not enough, like today.
  • Lakewood’s Candeo is lightly fruity, on the verge of dry. Edgy.
  • Scintillating. Fun! Serve chilled.
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2019 Adirondack Winery Stargazer Lemberger 

  • A unique, dry red wine aged in American oak barrels for 15 months, creating a luscious medium body with a beautiful garnet hue.
  • Oak and spicy clove notes on the nose, with a pleasant acidity of dark black currants and pepper spice.
  • Best of Class, Gold Medal at the 2021 New York Wine Classic
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2018 Bully Hill Vineyards Cabernet Franc 

Aromas of raspberries and plums are the centerpiece, with polished tannins completing the symphony.

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2020 Wagner Vineyards Riesling Select  

  • Wagner’s sweetest Riesling, lush & fruity with acidity to balance the sweetness.
  • Tropical fruit aromas with citrus and pineapple flavors are accented by rich honey overtones.
  • Includes grapes selected from the winery’s oldest block of Riesling, planted in 1979.
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