Crush Wine Experiences cultivates memories that last a lifetime through the unifying art of food and drink. We believe in the magic of treating yourself to the luxury and leisure you deserve, and we strive to provide you with valuable information and education, so you can discover your new favorite wine, craft food or beverage.

Have a romp around one of our food and wine festivals, hop on a shuttle to the North Fork or the Hudson Valley for a wine tour, or educate yourself on the coverage we provide of the national — and international —  food and drink scene. However you indulge — be it through adventure, celebration, or curiosity — we’re here to make it easy, affordable, and most importantly, fun.

Below is an interactive list of our offerings. Take a look around, and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a shout on our Contact page.

Grab a Glass – We host the most highly anticipated tasting events in NYC and beyond.

Take a Tour – Book a day away to New York’s vineyard country and experience winery life.

Hop a Flight – Join us in Italy and explore Piedmont, home of world-famous wines and truffles.

Create an Impression – Promote your product or service with Crush Wine Experiences.

Learn About Wine –  We have hundreds of informative and engaging articles in our blog. Stretch your knowledge here!

Get the News – What the press is saying about our events and tours.

Promote Yourself – Are you organizing a food and drink event? Submit it here.

Crush Wine Experiences


At Crush Wine Experiences, we pride ourselves in the details, providing access to the best artisanal food and wine experiences, and showing wines from all over the world. Read more...


What’s a wine without terroir? Everything affects our experiences, from the landscape to the weather. We’ve got that “everything” covered. Our wine tours to the Long Island and Hudson Valley wine regions offer sublime views, reliable guides, and of course, exceptional wine. And we even have you covered in the event of inclement weather! Read more...

Crush Wine Experiences
Crush Wine Experiences


We live our best memories through our senses; the feeling of contentment, the sound of great music, the taste of a refreshing new vintage on your tongue. We are expert creators of these unforgettable moments- down to every last detail. Read more...


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