National Zinfandel Day – Special Tasting

National Zinfandel Day – Special Tasting

A fireside chat with 2 extraordinary California wine producers.

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  • Live Online Zoom Broadcast 17 Nov, 7:00 - 8:00 pm


Join us as we celebrate National Zinfandel Day (Nov 17) in a tasting with two (2) stellar California wineries, Once & Future Wine, and Limerick Lane Cellars. Guests will include, Joel Peterson -- the founder of Ravenswood Winery and the "Godfather of Zin" - as well as Jake Bilbro, a fourth-generation Sonoma County winemaker and grape grower. National Zinfandel Day reigns as a top national wine drinking holiday for anyone who loves red wine. At Crush WineXP, our love for Zinfandel runs deep. Zinfandel is special because, like no other red wine, it speaks distinctively different wine languages from place to place. Zin adapts! Its flavors derive from its soil and surroundings—from light to rich, juicy to spicy, bright to bold, there’s a delicious Zin for every food choice and palate, be you a wine pro or beginner.


  • Once and Future Wine is a return to the original vision legendary winemaker Joel Petersen had when he started Ravenswood many years ago.
  • It is a project that specializes in wines from special vineyards made with a sensitivity to place and in a style that Joel personally loves and believes in.
  • Wine being featured: 2019 Old Hill Ranch Zinfandel. Special Offer: Get 30% off the wine by calling the winery 855-566-3946 to place order or by emailing
  • Cheese to pair:  L’Explorateur (triple crème)


  • Limerick Lane is a 30-acre estate located in the northeast corner of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley.
  • In an appellation that’s renowned for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, they grow and produce world-class Zinfandel and Rhone varietals.
  • They sit at an exact point where soil, water levels, rocks, sunshine, wind and fog meet.
  • Wine being featured: 2019 1910 Block Zinfandel
  • Special Offer: Get complimentary shipping included on orders of 6 or more bottles. Order here.  Use promo code ZINTRAIL.


  • Joel Peterson was the Winemaker of Ravenswood since 1976 and is a founding member of ZAP, having served as two-time President.
  • Once and Future Wine is the return to the original vision Joel had for Ravenswood so many years ago-a small project specializing in wines from unique older vineyards, made with a sensitivity to place and in a style that Joel personally loves and believes in.
  • Wines that force Joel to dust off the old redwood vats and get out a new punch down tool (his original is in the Smithsonian), wines that dye his hands a harvest shade of black/purple, and sometimes force him to take an additional Ibuprofen in the morning. In short – wines of sweat, commitment, and love.


  • Jake Bilbro is a fourth-generation Sonoma County winemaker and grape grower.
  • Native to Sonoma County and Healdsburg in particular, Jake grew up checking vineyards throughout the Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys with his dad while drinking cream soda and playing hide and go seek tag with his brothers in his dad’s winery: Marietta Cellars.
  • Jake’s passion for the wine lifestyle began at a very young age when his chores were cleaning barrels, dragging hoses, and in most ways being his dad’s shadow.


  • Rebecca currently serves as Executive Director for the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and recognition of Zinfandel as America’s Heritage Wine.
  • Previously she was former Sales and Operations Manager for a premium wine producer.
  • Rebecca is one of the true industry champions of California wine, and Zinfandel specifically.