Montauk Daisy & Glendale Ridge Vineyard – a virtual tasting double header

Montauk Daisy & Glendale Ridge Vineyard – a virtual tasting double header

Two unique craft wineries from the East Coast.

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It's a double-header!  Join us for a special virtual tasting with Montauk Daisy and Glendale Ridge Vineyard, two (2) wineries helmed by award-winning winemaker Juan Micieli-Martinez. One is in Long Island Wine Country (Montauk Daisy), and one is in the foothills of western Massachusetts (Glendale Ridge). They represent very different terroirs, but they have the talented Mr. Micieli-Martinez in common.
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Meet Montauk Daisy

  • Montauk Daisy is a wine project created by Juan and Bridget Micieli-Martinez, Theresa Dilworth and Mineo Shimura.  The four have over 75 years of collective experience in the Long Island Wine industry.
  •  The four began bottling their first vintage in 2019.
  • The winery is named after the beautiful flowering shrubs known as the Montauk Daisy which coincidentally bloom during the grape harvest.

Meet Glendale Ridge Vineyard

  • Glendale Ridge Vineyard focuses on creating exceptional wines in Southampton, Massachusetts.
  • The pride in creating cool-climate wines that reflect our terroir and the northeast region.
  • They believe in cultivating an experience. Telling a story with wine that encompasses the spirit of the vineyard, the history of the land, and the careful attention of the winemaker’s hand.

Meet Juan Micieli-Martinez

  • Juan was born in Mexico and raised on the Eastern End of Long Island, graduating from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s of Science.
  • In 2002, Juan worked harvest in Western Australia where he vinified grapes at the award-winning Houghton Winery.
  • Juan was hired as Head Winemaker for Martha Clara Vineyards, where he was the recipient of many awards including the Jefferson Trophy for the best wine in the East Coast bestowed by the Atlantic Seaboard Association and the coveted Governor’s Cup awarded for the best wine in New York State at the New York Wine and Food Classic.


  • Montauk Daisy 2019 Chardonnay
  • Montauk Daisy 2019 Red Wine
  • Glendale Ridge 2019 Estate Corot Noir
  • Glendale Ridge 2020 Pétillant Naturel – Rosé

Get the wines here and here.

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