Merlot Doesn’t Suck!

Merlot Doesn’t Suck!

A special tasting event. Taste 5 different Merlots, from wine regions all over the world. Vote and pick the winner!

Type Local Tasting
Location North Fork Craft Wines & Spirits
122 South Street
Greenport, NY 11944
Tags wine tasting
  • Buyers Club Tasting 10 Mar, 6:00 - 8:00 pm


The cast of the Sideways movie had it wrong: Merlot doesn't suck! This event will show you why. North Fork Craft Wines is hosting a "Buyers Club" tasting event on March 10, and they want you to be there. You'll get to taste several Merlot wines, and then vote on which one is your favorite. The best part? The $5 ticket fee to attend goes toward the purchase of any wine in the store that day! (including the Merlots). The Buyers Club is open to anyone interested in discovering new wines, so bring a friend or two—or three!—and make this a tasting worth remembering.


Stellar Merlot selections from M Touton Wines and wine host Brian Killen!

  1. Spellbound – Merlot 2019 (California)
  2. Chateau Bonnet – Rouge 2018 (France)
  3. RGNY – Scielo – Tinto 2019 (Long Island)
  4. Big Flower – Merlot 2020 (South Africa)
  5. La Lecciaia – Merlot 2016 (Italy – Tuscany)
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North Fork Craft Wines & Spirits

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North Fork Craft Wines & Spirits
122 South Street
Greenport, NY 11944
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