Discovering Sardinia Tour

Discovering Sardinia Tour

The perfect experience for the well-traveled who haven’t yet seen this magical island

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9 days, 8 nights.  Visiting Cagliari, Alghero, Su Nuraxi archaeological site, Arzachena, and the Costa Smeralda. Sardinia is known for its diverse and delicious cuisine, world-class wines, and stunning natural landscapes. The island’s food culture reflects its unique history, with influences from the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Spanish. Sardinia is also a paradise for nature lovers, with miles of unspoiled beaches, crystal-clear waters, and mountain landscapes. This is the perfect tour for the well-traveled who haven’t yet seen this magical island.


  • Explore Cagliari’s historic charm with its ancient city walls, medieval architecture, and the impressive Cagliari Cathedral overlooking the city.
  • Visit Casteddu, the oldest city area, that gives its name to the city of Cagliari. View the panoramic Bastione St. Remy and the nearby Via Sulis, a new shopping district.
  • Enjoy a typical Sardinian dinner and savor delights prepared by chefs who know how to connect traditional Sardinian culinary techniques and the creativity of high-cuisine: fresh seafood, traditional pasta, and Sardinian specialties.

Food & Wine

  • 4 wineries visits and tastings, and 18 meals are included throughout the tour, including multi-course culinary experiences paired with local wines.
  • Luxuriate in local cuisine in Sardinia’s vibrant restaurants, enjoying fresh seafood, traditional pastas and specialties.

Southern Wine, Su Nuraxi & more

  • Explore the wine region north of Cagliari and an iconic winery, Argiolas, which is one of the most important producers in Sardinia
  • Enjoy the wines with a light lunch of local specialties
  • Head to the town of Barumini to visit the Su Nuraxi archaeological site which is Sardinia’s only UNESCO Site, and the island’s most important Nuragic-age ruins. The highlight is the main tower, dating from 1500.

Alghero Wine & Grotta di Nettuno

  • Travel by boat to the spectacular Grotta di Nettuno at Capo Caccia. Enter the caves, disembark and walk the stairways surrounding this unique destination, with views for miles.
  • In the afternoon, visit a winery in Alghero’s wine-producing area (Parpinello) and enjoy a tasting of local wines.
  • Vermentino in this area has a completely different nuance compared to what most people have tried in Gallura!
  • Also discover Torbato, a Martinotti method spumante, produced with a rare local grape variety.

Costa Smeralda & Gallura

  • Take a panoramic tour of the Costa Smeralda. See some of the island’s most iconic destinations, such as Baja Sardinia, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo.
  • Continue exploring the Sardinian wine scene in the north with a visit to a winery in Gallura, enjoying a variety of local selections.
  • The primary grape varietals cultivated in Gallura are Vermentino Superiore di Gallura and Cannonau.

Olive Oil & Locally Sourced Foods

  • Sardinia’s agriculture thrives on traditional crops like durum wheat, olives, and grapes, supporting the production of renowned pasta, olive oil, and wines.
  • The island boasts unique dairy products, including Pecorino cheese, made from the local Sardinian sheep breed, Casu Marzu, and traditional bread varieties.
  • Sardinia’s food culture is deeply influenced by its history, with dishes like culurgiones (stuffed pasta) and porceddu (roast piglet) reflecting its rich culinary heritage.


  • Sam is a WSET-certified sommelier and co-founder of Crush Wine Experiences, NY’s leading food & wine experience company.
  • He has traveled to Europe extensively on cultural and wine tours at some of the continent’s leading wineries.
  • Sam knows the wines, cuisine and local culture of Sardinia. And as a wine professional, he brings an added dimension to the tour.


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DAY 1: Benvenuti in Sardegna

DAY 2: The Sardinian Capital

DAY: 3: Southern Sardinian Wines

DAY 4: Alghero

DAY 5: Bosa

DAY 6: Wine Museum, Olive Oil & Landscapes

DAY 7: Gallura Countryside & Wine

DAY 8: Sardinian Heritage

Day 9: Arriverderci


$4,100.00 per person, double occupancy (private room)

$4,600.00 per person, single occupancy (private room)

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Note: This is a boutique, intimate tour experience, limited to 18 guests + 2 hosts

High quality of food, wine, destinations, and a small bus that can go where larger tours cannot.

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