NYC Food & Drink Guide

I Always Forgot the Name of the Wine I Drank the Night Before, Until I Started Doing These 6 Things

We’ve all had an absolutely delicious wine, that we’ve asked the server for the name of it six times over dinner, and swear to remember it….and completely forget it later. We wish we could remember it – and might even go back to the restaurant…

Wine Ice Cream Buzz is Deliciously Smooth

Mixologists, wine makers, and ice cream connoisseurs have experimented for years and found – “EUREKA!” – the master invention to dwarf Eintein’s Theory of Relativity: ice cream wine.

No-Fuss, No-Muss: Wine Tasting for Beginners

What’s the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? What makes a $60 bottle of wine better than a $5 bottle?  What are tannins?  Why is a certain wine “full bodied” or “chewy” or “dry”?

Is Wine Healthier Than 1 Hour at the Gym?

The new ongoing scientific studies are proving just how much a glass of red wine can boost your health, and the results are incredible! One glass of red wine can be as healthy or healthier than one hour of a rigorous endurance workout at the gym.

Beyond the Bottle: Wine as a Cocktail Ingredient

When most people think of having a wine cocktail, they think of sangria. That’s a shame. Sangria is lovely, true, but there are so many other fantastic cocktails one can make with wine.

The Sensational Benefits of Getting Drunk on Wine

With all of the many types of drunk out in the wide world at large, wine drunk is clearly supreme. If those words, alone, are not enough to convince you, then open a bottle and read on.

New York City’s Best Free Wine Tastings

Wine tastings are great: they enable you to try new wines you might ordinarily not, without having to buy the entire bottle. How many times have you ever bought a bottle of wine, only to have it sit around…

The 9 Best Food+Drink Events in NYC This March

Yes, I know, we’re already 5 days into March, but things have been crazy at New York Wine Events so it took us a few days to compile the list of the best Food and Drink Events in NYC this month. These are 9 events that are going to make you salivate in anticipation.

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