Gift Cards

Join New York Wine Events’ “stimulus plan” for 2020 and beyond!

  1. Help us keep our events going stronger than ever
  2. Lock in big discounts on tickets for any future event of your choosing
  3. Give the gift of wine tasting directly to friends, family — or yourself!

Our Gift Cards provide you with 1.5x purchasing power. For example, a $49 card gets you $75 worth of tickets. The cards work for ANY upcoming event we have on Eventbrite.


Redeeming a Gift Card:  It’s easy.

  1. You (or the recipient) will receive an email:  “Here is your gift card for New York Wine Events”
  2. The email will have a code, for example, “W6YPG”
  3. Copy the code, then go to the event you want on and click “Get Tickets”
  4. On the Eventbrite page, click “Enter promo code” and paste the code
  5. Apply code — and voila — you’re done!

Saluté! To your health! Happy tasting!

The New York Wine Events Team


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