Day Trip Tour: Terms and Conditions

  1. All guests must be 21 or over to attend.
  2. Tours take place rain or shine, and are generally held in areas protected from inclement weather.
  3. Refunds allowed 7 days or more prior to Tour date. Cancellations made inside of 7 days are non-refundable. Tour Insurance is available and recommended during check out online, and allows for fully refundable cancellation up to 24 hours prior to departure.
  4. Attendees should arrive 10 minutes early at pick up location in order to allow time to board the vehicle.
  5. Overtime:  During the tour, you may opt to request Overtime with the vehicle and driver, beyond the included 8 hours of your tour day. Overtime must be requested and approved via text message to New York Wine Events at 347-931-4340. Payment must be made that day on request via Paypal or Venmo, before the overtime period starts.  Overtime rates are: $155/hour for Sprinter, $120/hour for SUV, $95/hour for Sedan.
  6. Winery Rules re: COVID 19:  Please make sure your guests are aware of the below rules. The State of NY and the wineries are strictly adhering to them.
    • Masks: Guests must have masks on at all times, except when seated at their table. While at the table guests may remove masks.
    • Wine drinking can occur at the table only, and while seated only. Guests are not allowed to walk around the winery premises with wine glasses or open bottles.
    • In general walking/wandering around the winery premises is not allowed for COVID 19 safety. However, you can take pictures on your way in or out of the winery (arriving or departing).
    • Tables may be limited to 6 guests per table, unless otherwise indicated. Groups of 6+ may be seated at 2 separate tables or in a private room or area.
    • Guests are not allowed to mix and mingle table-to-table with other guests while standing at tables that they are not seated at.
    • Each guest must have food with their wine at the initial sit down for tasting. Most of the wineries facilitate this by adding a small snack (chips or pretzels etc) for each guest. Lunches brought in for guests at eligible wineries also qualify for this requirement. Most guests satisfy this requirement by simply ordering from the winery food menu.
  7. Recording, Transmission and Exhibition:
    • Attendees agree not to record or transmit, or aid in recording or transmitting, any description, account, picture, or reproduction of the event without authorization.
    • Attendees agree that the event for which they purchase tickets is a public event, that their appearance and actions inside and outside the venue where the event occurs are public in nature, and that they have no expectation of privacy with regard to their actions or conduct at the event.
    • Attendees grant permission to the Event Provider(s) to utilize their name, image, likeness, acts, poses, plays, appearance, movements, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the event for any purpose, in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed, without further authorization from, or compensation to, you or anyone acting on your behalf.

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